The LBT Brand Story

Examples of our old branding and design language circa 2012-2017

We’ve come a very long way.

Like the cities and customers we serve, we have been evolving to adapt to new forms of communication and new choices in transportation. How we present ourselves to our customers must reflect the bright, dynamic and diverse communities we serve every day.

We’re sharing this with you to get your feedback and create a home where you can see all the ways LBT is communicating with our customers.

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A brand is not a logo.

LBT’s brand is more than just our logo. The LBT brand is our buses and boats, and the people who interact with our customers every day. We communicate that brand through consistent colors and typefaces that represent who we are to the public. A Brand also has component parts which all work together to help tell our story. A logo will not do that job alone. This diagram represents all of the pieces that are part of the LBT Branding and Design system.

Colors that define us.

The Style Guide (adopted in 2011) lists LBT’s “primary” and “secondary” colors. The primary colors are prominently featured in our marketing and on our buses, boats and in other ways. The secondary colors were used in previous ads and other materials but have not been used widely in the past two years.

A universal, type family.

Long Beach Transit’s typeface is Gotham HTF for print, and our online typeface is Helvetica. They are very close cousins of each other and make a great technical pairing. These versatile font families are bold, legible, and full of personality.

How it all comes together..

Taken together, LBT’s updated branding has a consistent look and feel across different media. Below are multiple examples of how we’re communicating to our customers and beyond.